Disclaimer:  I’m a book-addict not a professional book-critic.


I’ll be using hearts to visually express the personal value of the books I review.

Why hearts as opposed to stars?  I prefer soft edges than sharp ones. ;p Hihihi… On a more serious note, I feel that hearts are more personal than stars. I’ll be sharing a personal view of the book  which you could equate to me giving you a sneak-peek into my heart. And most definitely a grand tour of my brain which is scientifically and biologically powered by my heart. (I’m such a geek. ;p)  


My Rating Scheme

A 5-heart rating means I really love the book. I’d go online and google the author and start hunting for his other works. And, despite the knowledge that you may have a different reading taste than I do, I still highly recommend that you read it; Just to illustrate how crazy in love I am with the book.

A 4-heart rating would mean that I really like the book. I’d still go online and google the author and his works. And I’d still recommend that you read it; Although less enthusiastically.

A 3-heart rating means that I like the book. And I recommend it with reservation.

A 2-heart rating means that either the book is not for me or I read it at the wrong time. If you still feel like reading it, I would recommend that you proceed with caution.

A 1-heart rating means I’m not into it. I wasn’t able to relate to the story or any of the characters. And yet I’ll give it a heart just because I made it through until the end.


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