Unscheduled Bookhunt


Spontaneity is the theme of my day.

It started out with me going to a satellite office of NBI to get another copy of my NBI clearance. Thinking that it was a satellite office I thought that lines would be short. What greeted me was a snake of a line. In my head, I refused to acknowledge that what I am seeing is actually the line for NBI. Maybe, just maybe, it was the line for the mid-week service of it’s Christian Church neighbor. Refusing to have my spirits dampened by what lay before me, I optimistically approached the nearest “Manong Guard” I could see. With my impersonation of a sweet kolehiyala I asked him “Manong, san po ang pila for NBI clearance?”  His answer, “Ito po. Pero wala na pog number balik na lang kayo bukas ng 5am.” I said “ok”. But my mind was shouting “HUUUUWHHAAAAAATTTTTT?!!!”

So what now? Well, I walked away. Aimlessly. Looked at my watch and it’s just 2:30pm. What to do… what to do… My feet were leading me to the basement where Booksale was located. I’m walking… walking… walking… and suddenly my phone rang. It was my friend who wants to meet up in Cubao for dinner.  I immediately said yes. As soon as I got of the phone, I remember that tonight is the American Idol concert in Araneta. This is another way of me saying, “Expect Heavy Traffic to Cubao”, “Parking Not Available starting 5pm”, and “Leave Now If You Want to Play Good Friend”.

Ok. I guess that was overly dramatic. I do indulge in that every once in a while. But this was good drama… I think. It got me to Cubao at 4:50pm. Over an hour to kill before I meet my friend at 6pm. Just enough time for me to look for the Booksale in Shopwise that my friends in Goodreads frequent. I found it after 10 min and there’s only 2 customers inside. Yey! No bumping.

Awesome first visit. I found almost new copies of:

1. The Blind Assassin by Margaret Atwood

2. East of the Sun by Julia Gregson

3. The Dictator and the Hammock by Daniel Pellac

I know what your thinking. “What’s that last one again?” Well, that last one might not be part of any list of great books. But it sure is interesting. And if the blurb is an indication of what is to be expected from this book, then this just might turn out to be one hilarious good read.


Hooray for spontaneity!!!




I must confess that I’m a bit OC (As in, Obsessive Compulsive) when it comes to order and organization. Some days that could be considered a good thing. But, in my case, I think it’s really close to becoming an unhealthy kind of obsessive compulsiveness.

For the past few nights, I’ve decided to set aside my reading time to:

1. Create a database for reading. It contains my books, the books included in lists that I feel compelled to read, the books recommended by friends, and reading blogs. It’s no where near finished as I still need to research Publication years, ISBNs, synopsis, book covers, etc. Plus I still have to add other books from some other noteworthy and/or popular lists.

2. manually alphabetize the titles of the 1001 books as listed in my page of 1001 Books to Read Before You Die Challenge. Why? Just because I can. And because cutting and pasting from the database I made in #1 didn’t work. ;p

I swear I’m becoming more of a geek every day. Soon, I might start shedding the kikay part of me.

But then why would I want that? Based on observation people are much more willing to listen if the message is coming from someone who’s pleasant to look at. Anyway, better not start that topic because that’s not the point of this post.

The point is I am embracing my inner geek and my OC-ness. And now that I’ve done the database, I’m more excited to read, and read fast, so that I could start crossing things out. Whoopie…

Mission: Fix My Kindle


I woke up at 6am with a very bad headache that my requisite first cup of coffee couldn’t cure. I decided to take the day off and went back to bed.

At 10am, I’ve re-awaken with my headache gone. It was early enough for me to go back to work. Decided against it, reasoning that I seldom take a day-off.

So as not to feel guilty for being a sloth, I made sure that my day-off is domestically productive and spiritually satisfying.

Domestically productive = dusting, sweeping, mopping, changing the sheets and curtains, etc.

Spiritually satisfying = reading a book in between doing crafts.

The latter was a little challenging since the book I have my heart set on reading and finishing is in Kindle format. I don’t know about you but my mind is a stubbornly selective. It rejects and shuts down when it is fed non-pre-programmed data. Thus, resulting to undue restlessness. There’s only one solution; Fix my Kindle.

5:23pm, after an hour of tinkering, mission: fix-my-kindle is a success. I’m doing the happy-happy-joy-joy dance.

Now, looking forward to a night of reading. Clash of Kings, let’s finish you.

Rant: My Kindle for Mac Crashed


It’s a sad afternoon for me.

My day started out fine. It was my typical slow day that promised an afternoon off. I was looking forward to the latter. For it meant that I could enjoy bottomless coffee at my favorite Cafe while reading Clash of Kings via my Kindle for Mac. I’d finally get a little time to myself and finally finish the book I started 2 weeks ago.

My afternoon didn’t turn out as I expected because when I was luanching the Kindle for Mac application, it crashed. I tried digital-CPR. But, I failed to bring my Kindle for Mac back to life.  Haist…

Re-started the computer. Re-launched Kindle. Fail.

Removed the application. Downloaded and re-installed the application. Launched the newly installed Kindle. Still… Fail!!!

No more Kindle. Back to the old ways. Sigh.

I was starting to love that Kindle. Heartbreak.

BOOK REVIEW: Japan Took the J.A.P. Out of Me


Japan Took the J.A.P. Out of Me is a memoir written by Lisa Fineberg Cook. I stumbled upon this book in one of my spontaneous Booksale hunting whims. For those not in the know, Booksale is the haven for bibliophiles on a budget. It is a place where the persistent bargain hunter will be rewarded with Php10-finds. Japan Took the J.A.P. Out of Me is not one of those Php10-finds.
The copy I found was actually priced at Php75; A little pricey for Booksale standards. Most days I would have waited until the book was sold at Php45. But there’s just this voice inside my head telling me that I have to read this book now. Read the rest of this entry

Welcome Surprises: A Package from Holden Robinson


August 1, 2011. I received a small card from the Cainta Post Office asking me to pick-up a package left for me. Seeing that I have a full schedule for the rest of the week, the earliest date I could pick it up would be Monday August 8.

August 3, 2011. I woke up and found a text message from a client requesting for a rescheduling of our meeting set for 2pm. I agreed with my client. Seeing that I suddenly have free time, I decided to drop by the Post Office and pick-up the package that was waiting there for me. I was so happy to find out that the package was from Holden Robinson. And by the size of the package I knew that it contained the book I’ve won a few months back.

In a previous entry I’ve mentioned that I recently became an active member of the Goodreads networking site. As an active member, I joined online bookclubs and participated in book giveaway events. One of the events is an ask-the-author event hosted by the Romance Readers Group. The book being given away  is The House of Roses. And the author giving one single copy  is Holden Robinson. There were less than 10 people who participated in this contest. And knowing my luck with contests I knew that being chosen out of 10 participants is still a very, very, very long shot. Anyway, I won the book months ago. And I not receiving it after 2 weeks of winning it, I felt that I should give up waiting for it. And I did. So, I was a little surprised to find myself holding a package with the sender’s name being Holden Robinson. And the recipient being no other than me.

I did not immediately open the package. Because I already know what it contains. Again, Holden surprised me. The package contains not only a copy of The House of Roses. It also contained 11 bookmarks and a personal card. Oh! Did I mention the book is signed?


This is such a welcome surprise.

Julie & Julia and Blogging


I was flicking through channels over the weekend and stopped on HBO. Julie & Julia was coming up next. And since this is part of my reading list in Goodreads… book 330 as of this writing… the voice inside my head said I should wait for it and watch. Good thing I did, because now I want to read, not just this book, but more books about Julia Child.

Needless to say, the movie also inspired me to be a blogger. I’m hoping I turn out as a diligent blogger despite the fact that I am not a trained writer. Not being a trained writer shouldn’t stop me from blogging. Right? I should see blogging as an exercise on writing.

It might also be a good idea to start reading on how to write. Starting with The Five-Minute Writer, a birthday gift I received from my mom.

A Birthday Gift From Mom: "The Five-Minute Writer"

Knowing my mom, this is her way of telling me “Maybe, you should write.”  And maybe it’s high time I start heeding her advice. Who knows? I just might have swallowed a writer in my previous life and written words is the key to the writer’s freedom. Let’s see. Let the writing adventure begin.