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Julie & Julia and Blogging


I was flicking through channels over the weekend and stopped on HBO. Julie & Julia was coming up next. And since this is part of my reading list in Goodreads… book 330 as of this writing… the voice inside my head said I should wait for it and watch. Good thing I did, because now I want to read, not just this book, but more books about Julia Child.

Needless to say, the movie also inspired me to be a blogger. I’m hoping I turn out as a diligent blogger despite the fact that I am not a trained writer. Not being a trained writer shouldn’t stop me from blogging. Right? I should see blogging as an exercise on writing.

It might also be a good idea to start reading on how to write. Starting with The Five-Minute Writer, a birthday gift I received from my mom.

A Birthday Gift From Mom: "The Five-Minute Writer"

Knowing my mom, this is her way of telling me “Maybe, you should write.” ¬†And maybe it’s high time I start heeding her advice. Who knows? I just might have swallowed a writer in my previous life and written words is the key to the writer’s freedom. Let’s see. Let the writing adventure begin.