Book Buying Addiction


“Hi, I am KikayReader, and I am a book buying addict.”

Yes, you read it right. BOOK BUYING ADDICT. Not a BOOK-A-HOLIC. To differentiate, a book-a-holic is a more accessible word for a bibiliophile. Someone who loves to read. Someone who can effortlessly finish a book or two (and sometimes 3) in one sitting. A book buying addict just purchases books faster than he/she has time to read them. Which is a perfect way of describing me. I get a thrill out of buying books and yet I hardly have the time to read even one.

Most times, I open a book only to discover that the pages have already started to yellow and emit a certain foul smell. Resulting in an almost endless chain of sneezing, watery eyes, a headache and blurred vision. Thus, the need and excitement to read the book is dramatically lessened. Not because I’m picky. But because it literally makes me sick.

Even with this knowledge, I still can’t stop myself from hoarding books. I still can’t stop myself from entering a bookstore every time I am at a mall. And somehow there’s the need to purchase a book. Leaving the bookstore empty-handed also leaves me with a feeling of emptiness. Just yesterday, I dropped by the mall to have some papers photo-copied. Close to the photocopying establishment is a Booksale. I was drawn to it just like metal filings to a magnet. I was telling myself there’s no harm in browsing while waiting for my photocopies to be done. Well, I came out with 4 hardbound books.

I’m sick i tell ya. Maybe it’s time somebody start a sort of AA for book buying addicts. I’m pretty sure I’ll be the first client.

Oh… And isn’t it just crazy that I even have the gall to start a blog? How will I even have the time to write when I don’t even have time to read. Haisht… This is insanity.

My new mantra should be: “I can make time”.



About kikayreader

I'm a designer by profession. Lately, a domestic lifestyle is something I find appealing... and somewhat ideal. Thus, I'm seriously considering changing to a profession that would allow me to stay home more often. By that I mean most days of the week, and most hours of the day. I've narrowed down my options to two; being an artist or a writer. But then again, there's no one stopping me to do both. Allow me to share this adventure to my "unexplored" and whatever comes out of it. Oh... and wishing me luck is more than welcome.

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  1. And we will indulge this coming Saturday! Hay, I hear you! But I think this might help. Try to read at least 45 pages a day. That isn’t a lot, I think? That’s around 1-2 hours depending on your speed. And will. And determination. And other external factors. And if you do that religiously, you will end up with more or less 40 books read a year. Not bad. Sorry, I’m shoving unsolicited advice, hahaha.

  2. I second Angus on that! Book Buying Addicts attack Cubao Saturday! 😀
    Solicited or not, Angus’s advice is a sound one, and I’m one who subsribe to it. It wil not even hurt if just read a minute or so. As long as keep on flipping pages and can somehow digest what you’re reading, then I call it progress.

    Book Buying Addicts unite! 😀

  3. Yey found someone else with the same “problem” (lol wut the…)

    I buy more than I read too 😦 …and add to that substituting reading book blogs with reading actual books :3

    *stalking your blog haha (^-^)v*

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