Monthly Archives: June 2011

Julie & Julia and Blogging


I was flicking through channels over the weekend and stopped on HBO. Julie & Julia was coming up next. And since this is part of my reading list in Goodreads… book 330 as of this writing… the voice inside my head said I should wait for it and watch. Good thing I did, because now I want to read, not just this book, but more books about Julia Child.

Needless to say, the movie also inspired me to be a blogger. I’m hoping I turn out as a diligent blogger despite the fact that I am not a trained writer. Not being a trained writer shouldn’t stop me from blogging. Right? I should see blogging as an exercise on writing.

It might also be a good idea to start reading on how to write. Starting with The Five-Minute Writer, a birthday gift I received from my mom.

A Birthday Gift From Mom: "The Five-Minute Writer"

Knowing my mom, this is her way of telling me “Maybe, you should write.”  And maybe it’s high time I start heeding her advice. Who knows? I just might have swallowed a writer in my previous life and written words is the key to the writer’s freedom. Let’s see. Let the writing adventure begin.


Something New


So here goes my first foray into blogging. For a lot of the bloggers out there, you might think that this is not a big deal. But to me it is… a very BIG one. You see, I’m one  of those people who’s not in the habit of volunteering information about me or my opinions. I guess it is one of my fears that you’d think I’m crazy and weird… not fit for human contact.

I guess, being in my thirties, I’ve realized that it’s time for a little change. Time to get past the fear. It’s time to embrace my inner crazy and my innate weirdness. It’s time to let people get a peek on how crazy my thoughts can go. Who knows? Maybe someday, one of these crazy thoughts might just turn into a book. Let’s just wait and see.